Above: A good crowd was on hand to hear about Pheasants Forever and the Save the Edges campaign at the annual meeting of The Association of Alberta Agricultural Fieldman in early December during their in-training conference held at the Deerfoot Inn & Casino in Calgary.

In December, Pheasants Forever Canada spoke about Save the Edges at The Association of Alberta Agricultural Fieldmen.  

Agricultural Fieldmen have always been central to the success of Agricultural Service Boards. They develop, implement, and control programs designed to carry out priorities and policies set by their Agricultural Service Board.

While education and awareness are key tools Fieldmen use in their work, they are also appointed as inspectors or regulatory officers enforcing these Alberta statutes.

We presented a 30-minute PowerPoint describing the natural and social benefits that intact roadside ditches and undeveloped right of ways provide. We emphasized that, in the face of continued and expanding land use change resulting from green energy infrastructure development, irrigation canal rehabilitation, and increasing pressure on native grass, that these strips of public land are increasingly critical to maintaining biodiversity.  

As many conference attendees are influencers in their respective communities, Pheasants Forever Canada is confident we helped instill a new perspective within this important constituency.   

For more information please visit the website and if your organization would like a presentation this spring on Save the Edges, please email info@pfcalgary.ca.